Nixtamalization Benefits

Nixtamalization is a culinary technique that utilizes an alkaline substrate in order to process and cook maize. This process has several benefits including to cause the fiberous outer hull, the pericarp, to separate and float away enabling the remaining grain to be more effectively ground; increasing protein and vitamin content availability; improving flavor and aroma and reduction of mycotoxins.

Other vital minerals increase as well including iron, copper and zinc which can come from the lime being used and/or absorbed from the vessels being used to make nixtamal. Niacin is made available for digestion which would otherwise be inaccessible with non-processed maize. If nixtamal is allowed to ferment, riboflavin, protein, also increase along with amino acids, such as tryptophan and lysine.

Nixtamalization releases Vitamin B3, significantly increases Calcium and Protein Quality, also reduces Phytic Acid and toxins .

Solutions for Restaurants

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